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Cindy Flood

Fine Art Photographer and Infrared Artitst

Hi, I'm Cindy Flood, a Wisconsin-based fine art photographer and infrared artist.  I have  had a camera nearby since I was gifted my first one at age 7. I love capturing infrared light, as well as other photographic genres including travel and landscape, people, and architecture.  I do all of this in black and white, infrared, and color with various tools, including modern digital cameras, film rangefinders, and a twin-lens reflex camera. I develop and scan my own black and white film and finish all of my photos in the "digital" darkroom.

I have been  inspired by this quote from the Depression era photographer Dorthea Lange:  'Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.'  I try to take that to heart when I frame a photo and capture that instant. I hope that  you enjoy my art. Please check back often for new work.

Contact me at cindyflood@me.com or use the Contact form above. I'd love to discuss photography with you.

Want to know more about my Infrared photography? Infrared FAQ

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